Getting Started Is Simple

We want our clients to enjoy the benefits of real estate ownership without the headaches of being a landlord. EB Management wants to handle every aspect of residential property management for our clients.

We try to make it easy to get started:     NEW CLIENT INTAKE FORM

Our processes are simple. We are a full-service management company (click here for service info.). We find quality tenants, get the home move-in-ready, collect rents and handle the details so our clients don’t have to. Each month, we deposit earnings directly into our client's checking account.

  • If you are a prospective client please make sure you are on the deed. 
  • However, If you don’t own the property yet, ready to acquire one AND are sure you want to hire EB Management you may skip Step 2. We can help you with the research & resources once there is a sign management agreement. 
  • If you’re ready to acquire property but you don’t have a particular home in mind, EB Management can recommend some excellent Realtors who specialize in investment properties in the Central Florida area. Just contact us ( press here) and we’ll be happy to help you build an excellent ‘Success Team’ with you.
  • If you own the property, your name is on the deed and you are ready to quicky get started, easily just complete the Intake Form at the bottom of this page.

If you have specific questions you may review our common question Q & A page, by pressing here


Schedule a viewing if you have specific questions, special needs, or thier are concerns if EB Management will accept the home.  On the other hand, for our busy professional clients that are confident in our services, management processes and quickly want to launch services; they may skip this step ("scheduling the viewing") and we will be happy to conduct the viewing before EB management commits to the rent-range, review market and property condition.

However, once a viewing is completed, we conduct a thorough “Comparative Rental Market Analysis” of rents for similar properties in the area to come up with a rent-range. This is adequate to get started. 

As professionals know, to come up with the most accurate rent price; only testing the market can accurately give comprehensive feedback on price, demand and market conditions. Experts know market conditions can change weekly, by season, by location, by property condition, permits being pulled in an area, local and national econimic conditions. 

Before we can begin to manage your property we need the following items completed and returned:

  • A signed management agreement completed.
  • Completed intake-forms returned (W9, Property Information Sheet, etc.).
  • Keys to the property delivered.
  • A Voided Check for direct deposits purposes included.

Once EB Management receives the items and documents above, we go to work and conduct our viewing, a Comparative Rental Market Analysis and Property Intake-Inspection (for liability, repair and habitability purposes). Any defects, repairs or concerns discovered are addressed in the next stage .

GETTING STARTED: Getting Started Is Simple. If you are ready to get started please complete the intake form below and we will respond quickly.

                                                                    (866) 469-5521
Still have questions, click here to request more information.

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“My partner and I rented a home in Downtown Orlando (SoDo) for nearly three years. We’d still be there had it not been for a family illness out of town that had forced us to relocate.
From the first day we looked at the property until the day we moved out, we have had nothing but a pleasant experience with Eric and Estate Brokers’ agents. Easy to work with and very professional. The day we moved in, the house had been professionally cleaned and was absolutely spotless.”

~ Daryl M.