Thank you for your interest in our available rental homes. We represent privately-owned homes as a third-party real estate brokerage firm.  Our role is to facilitate the leasing and the lease management of these privately-owned homes.

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EB Management with the information provided below, leaves prospective tenants with the responsibility to read, understand, and decide how to best proceed for themselves. By reading and reviewing all our processes, a prospective tenant can avoid unassumed frustrations. Please read and review all of the information and our processes provided. 

** SECTION 8 APPLICANTS: Applicants with Section 8 must follow the same processes below. **


We welcome you. Leasing a private home has its advantages and its responsibilities, so as a prospective tenant it is important to know if the property is a good fit for you. However, we also want to ensure you are a good fit for the home. At EB Management, it would be our honor to welcome you home, where good tenants can expect to receive multiple benefits. Here is our leasing process:

STEP 1: Review our website.

By watching the video above and reviewing our website, you will find the most current and up-to-date information on the home, community and process. You can preview our rental homes by clicking the VIEW RENTALS tab on our website. There you will find an entire inventory of well-kept homes located throughout the Central Florida area, available from a variety of price ranges and space options.

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          Please Fully Review Our Processes. 

STEP 2: Drive by the homes.

It is important to drive by homes and communities that spark your interest first. By getting a feel for the area, size, style, and condition of the property, you can determine if you really like the area or not. Directions to our rental homes are also available on our website.

STEP 3: Print and review our application and Tenant Selection Form (below).

To review the Tenant Selection Form, CLICK HERE. If you have reviewed our processes, requirements, and property information, and feel you meet the minimum requirements, you can proceed to schedule a walk-through.

STEP 4: Schedule a walk through of the property.

Once you completed your researched, reviewed and understand the requirements, you may schedule an appointment to view the home through our AUTOMATED SCHEDULING SYSTEM, or by calling (407) 456-8499. At the home, you will meet with our Showing Staff, that functions as security, and hand out property disclosures.


STEP 5: Finalize the rental application and reserve the property.

If you have completed your research, reviewed our processes, and selected a property, you may  complete an online application (on our VIEW RENTALS page). 



House in the persons hands



Showings are coordinated with the existing occupants, around a Showing Staffs’ availability, and posted on our website. Throughout the showing process, you will receive emails and/or text reminders to confirm. At the home, you will meet with a showing assistant to unlock the home. Our showing staff are not sales agents, and all information available is as presented to potential renters.



Because our small, yet busy professional brokerage office is constrained by time, resources, and agency law;  queries, call-backs, and appointments are limited to those prospective tenants that successfully complete the processes outlined. 

If you have questions, please research those questions on your own before moving forward in our processes. Our Showing Staff are NOT real estate agents and are limited by regulations from answering specific questions. Our Showing Staff are only there to act as security, and handout property disclosures.  All information is presented, as received from the Property Owner.  Again, it is important to review all information before moving forward. 



All adults living 'on-property' will need to complete and sign a separate rental application and pay the NON-REFUNDABLE application processing fee. The processing fee is $68 per application (as of February 2020), per adult, which is due at the time of submission.


  • WE OFFER NO APPLICATION STATUS UPDATES: For many reasons we DO NOT give application status updates. Only the selected and best applications will be contacted to move forward in the leasing process to secure the home. However an applicant may withdraw an application at any point; but, application fees are non-refundable.

  • SELECTED APPLICANTS: The selected applicant(s) will be contacted back within 48 to 72 hours after submission. 

  • APPLICANTS NOT SELECTED: If an applicant is NOT CONTACTED BACK TO MOVE FORWARD in the leasing process, an Averse Action letter shall be sent by mail. 

         There are many reasons why an applicant may not be selected. To name a few;

  • The information was incomplete. 
  • Not all parties submitted an application. 
  • Another applicant was selected. 
  • The application is on hold.
  • The information was not verifiable. 
  • The information did not meet minimum requirements.

           *********  SORRY, THERE ARE NO APPLICATION STATUS UPDATES. ***********


All information MUST be verifiable, complete, and accurate at the time of submission.  Every application will be minimally confirmed in the following ways:

  • Standard credit check
  • Past rental and payment history
  • Employment verification
  • Criminal background check



Upon being selected and/or "pre-approved" (same as "APPROVED but subject to verification"), a holding deposit is requested. Certified funds must be received in order to take the property off the market along with the request, and supporting documents. 

  • If your application is "pre-approved', same as Approved but subject to verification , a holding deposit was requested and received, the property is being held for you. 
  • If your application is pre-approved but a holding deposit was NOT received, the property is NOT being held for you. 


The only payment methods acceptable for a holding deposit are money orders and certified checks made out to EB Management. You must also deliver your payment to us in person, along with requested documents and supporting documentation. A typical Holding Deposit is like a security deposit and it is due any time a prospective tenant is ready to reserve a property. This reservation takes the property off the market, so that our managers refrain from showing it to other prospective tenants. 


If you reserve the property with a holding deposit, but later decide to withdraw your application, change your mind, your circumstances change, you fail to provide supporting documentation for statements made, or you fail to sign the lease on the agreed designated Lease Signing date, your holding deposit will be used as liquidated damages for the benefit of the property owner. This will be used as damages to the benefit of the property owner for; lost market time, added re-marketing cost, cost for processing of removing the home off the rental market, and/or passing-on others (ready & able) prospective tenants.


Once a holding deposit is received, accepted and all documentation approved, a lease is prepared by an attorney and every tenant must sign the lease on the Lease Signing date set. From there, the collected holding deposit will be converted into a security deposit.



Once you have provided all supporting documentation,  and information is accepted, you are ready for the lease signing at our office. 


At the Lease Signing, you will need to pay any balance due with certified funds. All future rent payments can be made online, by check, money order, certified funds, credit card, or debit card as long as they are received on time. 


Before lease signing, you will need to schedule utilities to be turned on. PROOF OF UTILITY TURN-ON is required for lease signing. You can find a list of utility companies on our RESOURCES PAGE.